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Privacy Policy

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Please read the following privacy policy carefully before using eBoard | Observer MOBAARS software on your Android device.

This Privacy Policy describes what information, if any, is collected by this HPAtoolbox Android application, how it is used, and what, if any, portions of it are shared.

Information we collect

On initial launch of a new version of eBoard | Observer MOBAARS, and on subsequent launches, the app may transmit, in encrypted form, a unique identifier for your Android device to HPAtoolbox servers for the sole purpose of determining conformance with HPAtoolbox application licensing policy.

As noted in the product description on the Google Play pages for eBoard | Observer MOBAARS, we assume that you understand that the primary functions of eBoard | Observer are to collect audio/video and location data as well as the markers that you create as you are observing and recording activities. We store your markers and location data in encrypted files on your device. We store the video (with audio) recordings on your device. Included in some of the data files is information about the device, Android version, and application version (collectively "App and device metadata").

We also assume that you understand that the app contains features that allow you to configure it to transmit collected data to a MOBAARS server on your network via WiFi connection(s) configured on your device using the eBoard Data Service web service on your MOBAARS server.

How we use collected information

As described above under "Information we collect", the unique device identifier is only used in tandem with Google Play services to ensure that you are conforming to HPAtoolbox application licensing policy and that you have completed an authorized purchase of a license to use the application on your device.

The marker and location data files and audio/video files are created for the purpose of providing an after-action review capability via synchronized playback of the data using other HPAtoolbox applications, such as eBoard | Objective (Android platform) or MOBAARS webAAR (Windows platform).

Should you choose to provide it to us via a product support request, the App and device metadata contained in eBoard | Observer MOBAARS data files may be used for troubleshooting purposes by HPAtoolbox support staff. It is not transmitted otherwise to HPAtoolbox by the eBoard | Observer MOBAARS application or any other HPAtoolbox application or service.

What information we share

None. HPAtoolbox does not share your unique device identifier with anyone else, and as noted, only uses it to authorize use of your purchase on your specific device. The data collected and stored by eBoard | Observer MOBAARS is not shared with HPAtoolbox itself or any other entity. Should you choose to share such data files with HPAtoolbox in the course of resolving a support issue, HPAtoolbox will not share that data with any other entity without first requesting and obtaining permission from you.

Android application permissions

Per Google and Android application policy, the eBoard | Observer MOBAARS application must request permission to use specific categories of device functionality. Included are permissions for use of location services, camera access, and audio recording, which together allow the application to record and store the location data and audio/video files that are central to its purpose. It does not collect location data unless you have enabled GPS-related location services using the settings on your device. The app uses the location and audio/video capabilities only when you have specified that you want to start an eBoard session, and stops using them when you end your session.

The application also requests permission to access information about the state of your device's WiFi receiver. The WiFi feature access is needed so that you can, if you want to, configure eBoard | Observer MOBAARS to transmit or receive MOBAARS data files via WiFi with an instance of the eBoard Data Service web service that you might have available on a MOBAARS server in your own network. The application can't use those features if you don't have the WiFi receiver on your device turned on.

Some permission categories may be requested due to use of library code that require those permissions, others are to help provide smooth and responsive functionality when you or your device may want to switch to using another application or service on your device (e.g., to notify you that eBoard | Observer MOBAARS continues to record location and audio/video data when you answer an incoming phone call on your device while eBoard session recording is in progress).

Included in the categories required due to use of Google Play services is permission to read the phone state. However, eBoard | Observer MOBAARS does not inspect, access, collect, store, or make any other use of, any phone call history or contacts info or any data related to your phone usage; nor does it include or use any ability to make phone calls.